EICC Conflict Mineral Policy
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        Recodeal Interconnect System Co., Ltd. is a strong corporate citizen complying with health, safety and environmental 

requirements under applicable government standards and regulation. Recodeal adopts best practices to ensure the integrity 

of various aspects of its business, including the environmental and social practices of its supply base.


        As required by the Conflict Minerals provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, HR

 4173, Section 1502 ("Conflict Minerals Act"), Recodeal is committed to ethical practices and compliance with all applicable 

laws and regulations, While we do not source these materials directly, and Recodeal is working with our suppliers to ensure 

our suppliers of minerals are aware of our policy and have urged our suppliers to support this policy. Also we engage with our

 supply base that is mostly within our sphere of influence to ensure that metals used in the manufacture of Recodeal products

 are not extracted from minerals mined in either the Democratic Republic of Congo ("DRC") or other mines in conflict areas.


        In addition, we require the following from our suppliers:

        i> To provide traceability mineral processing chain to the smelter and miners

        ii> To source materials from socially responsible sub-tier suppliers and manufactures

        iii> Perform the corrective actions for the metals come from DRC or an adjoining country


        Anyway, Recodeal is committed to working with our suppliers to ensure effective implementation of this Regulation

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